• Over 25,000 consumers in our database!!
    Over 25,000 consumers in our database!!

    With over 7,017,969,168 people in the world…Join us today to be a voice for many!

  • Do you have a sweet tooth?
    Do you have a sweet tooth?

    Sample some frozen novelty products and let us know what you think!

  • Do you shave every day?
    Do you shave every day?

    Let us help you make it a better experience!  Join Our Panelists Today!

  • Hair Studies
    Hair Studies

    Become one of the preferred Salon Panelist and you will have the chance to participate in the weekly hair studies.

  • Foods Studies
    Foods Studies

    Onsite taste testing is now conducted at Concepts. Let us know if you would like to be one of our foods’ panelists!

  • Moisturizers To Relieve Dry Skin...
    Moisturizers To Relieve Dry Skin...

    are just some of the products that you could be testing at Concepts.

Already Doing A Study

Since 1987, Concepts has been testing products and asking for your opinions, which has allowed popular brands to create and improve products for your enjoyment.  Over time, the volume for conducting these studies has declined. At this time, Concepts will be downsizing the operations to a few capabilities. Concepts will no longer be conducting home use studies, focus groups, or taste testing.  We will however continue the testing in the hair test center as well as our current ongoing panel testing. 

If interested, we want to invite you to join the Hair test center data base for Salon and Salon Hand-Out Studies.  Most of the salon studies will require you to be at the salon between ½ an hour to an hour.  A licensed Stylist will wash/condition your hair and other hair products may be applied.  Occasionally, the Stylist will dry and style your hair, but most studies require you to bring your own blowdryer/styling tools to the salon.  We may also have you complete a quick online survey 4-6 hours about your hair after leaving the salon.  For our Salon Hand-Out studies, you will pick up products at the salon and use these at home according to the instructions provided for usually one week after which you will evaluate the tested products via an online product evaluation program. Typical compensation for hair studies are $30 to $50.

If you are interested in screening for a salon study, please let us know by clicking the yes option below.  If you are interested, we will send you a basic screener on your hair characteristics, so we can identify what studies you would be best suited to take part in.

If you are interested in joining the hair testing data base please call 203-513-5191

For all online study questionnaires (salon callback, please see below) please click this link

We welcome any feedback you have with regard to our facility, the service, hospitality or your recruitment.  You may do so by phone, email or click the link for a short feedback survey.

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