• Over 25,000 consumers in our database!!
    Over 25,000 consumers in our database!!

    With over 7,017,969,168 people in the world…Join us today to be a voice for many!

  • Do you have a sweet tooth?
    Do you have a sweet tooth?

    Sample some frozen novelty products and let us know what you think!

  • Do you shave every day?
    Do you shave every day?

    Let us help you make it a better experience!  Join Our Panelists Today!

  • Hair Studies
    Hair Studies

    Become one of the preferred Salon Panelist and you will have the chance to participate in the weekly hair studies.

  • Foods Studies
    Foods Studies

    Onsite taste testing is now conducted at Concepts. Let us know if you would like to be one of our foods’ panelists!

  • Moisturizers To Relieve Dry Skin...
    Moisturizers To Relieve Dry Skin...

    are just some of the products that you could be testing at Concepts.


  • General Information About Concepts Studies
    You could be asked to test different types of products that range from shampoos, body washes, deodorants, hairspray, hand & body lotions to pasta sauce, salad dressings and other food items.
    As a Concept’s panelist, you may be asked to participate in different types of product tests, including the following:

    Home Use Tests (HUT)

    ~ Some products are tested in your home as you would normally use them.
    ~ There are generally a number of products provided with a weekly pickup and return schedule.
    ~ You will only be at the test center for a brief visit where you will need to complete your first visit paperwork. This includes your Informed Consent and in some cases a questionnaire to further qualify you for the product pickup.
    ~ Children are ONLY allowed to come to product pickups.

    Central Location Tests (CLT)

    ~ These tests are completed here at Concepts.
    ~ These studies can range from product application to fragrance evaluations and in use conditions.
    ~ Participants fill out paper questionnaires while they are at Concepts to provide their opinions and feedback regarding the products they sampled.
    ~ Children are not allowed to attend Central Location Tests.

    Focus Groups

    ~ Focus Groups can consist of a one-time visit or a combination of a Home Use portion with a Focus Group to follow.
    ~ While you participate in a focus group, you are seated with other consumers that fit the same criteria as yourself for that particular study. There is a moderator leading the group session and they are there to collect your opinions regarding the personal care products that you use on a regular basis.
    ~ Please note that Focus Groups are video recorded. These videos are for internal use only and will not be used in any advertising campaigns, etc. All videos are kept in a secure location and will not be shared.
    ~ Children are absolutely not allowed to attend Focus Groups.

    Clinical Studies

    ~ Clinical studies range from visual assessments, leg/arm washes, product application with instrumental measurements, self-tanners, skin lighting, etc.
    ~ Children are not allowed to attend the Clinical Studies.

    Salon Studies

    ~ Salon studies are conducted by our licensed cosmetologists. They apply product to your hair - either shampoo, conditioner or hair styling aids. You will then give your feedback about the product by filling out the "Callback Survey." For more information about Salon studies, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Food Tasting Studies

    ~ Food tasting studies are conducted at the Concepts’ kitchen testing facility
    ~ Each participant is assigned a booth where he/she will be given food samples. Each booth has a computer that will be used by the panelists to answer the questionnaire regarding the food products they are testing.
    ~ Children are not allowed to attend the Food Tasting Studies.

  • Participating in the studies
    The required length of time between tests varies from study to study, but you should not expect to participate more than once a month. We do our best to be sure that all of our consumer panelists have opportunities to contribute, and that testing is not monopolized by a small group of individuals.
    If you are a registered Concepts’ panelists, you will get a notification about new studies via email.

    There are two ways to get into a study:
    1) You can log into the Panelist Portal and any studies you are eligible for will be listed on the "Take A Survey" tab.
    2) Or, you can wait for us to send you an e-mail when we have a study that we think you might be interested in. When you get the e-mail, simply click on the link provided in the email.

    After you click the link you will be asked to complete a short screening questionnaire to qualify to participate in the study. If you qualify, you will be given additional information about the nature of the study, including the type of product, the duration of the test, and how much you will be compensated. You will then be able to pick from a list of the time slots that are available for testing.
  • On The Study Day
    Please DO NOT send friends or family members to test for you; your appointment is for you and you only. Your friend will NOT be allowed to test, and they will not be compensated in any way for having come in.
    If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please make sure that you either call our Customer Service at (203) 381-5700 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Please note that if you miss your appointment without giving us at least 24 hour notification, you may not be allowed to participate in our future studies.

    Before you come in for any study, it’s a good idea to call our Customer Service line at (203) 381-5700, option 6 to find if our facility is open. You can also check out our website. If the study has been cancelled you will see the message on the top banner of our website.
  • Becoming a Concepts Panelist
    If you are currently not a registered panelist at Concepts, click on the “Join a Study” on the left hand side of the website. Inside the page, click on “Join now” and complete your panelist profile.
    Every time we conduct a study the product manufacturer has specific requirements about the people they want to have testing. Instead of bugging you all the time with questions about studies you wouldn’t be interested in, we ask you to provide us with answers to a range of questions up front. Then we use that information to make sure that when we send you an invitation for a study there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be well suited for it. So it’s important that your profile is accurate and up-to-date or you might miss out on some opportunities!
    It is possible that our email is getting caught in a spam filter or junk mail folder. Make sure to add our domain to any approved sender lists you have. Check your junk mail folder and if you find an email there mark it as "not junk" or create a rule to have it delivered to your inbox.
    If you have forgotten your login information, click on “Panelist Login” located on the right top page of the website. Once you are in the login page, click on the “Forgot Password.” An automated email will be sent to you containing your username and a link to reset your password.
  • Payments
    You can send all payment inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
    The amount of compensation depends on the study being done. Most in-person product testing assignments pay between $20 and $100.
    After completing a study, a check will be mailed to your mailing address. The checks are mailed out after the study ends.
  • Privacy
    The information we ask you is absolutely confidential. It will only be used to determine which testing opportunities will benefit most from your consumer perspective, and which tests you are most likely to qualify for. Information we gather when you participate in a study is provided blindly to the manufacturer whose products you are testing (no personally identifying information is included). There is no marketing or solicitation associated with our studies.
  • Feedback
    Customer Service Relations: (203) 381-5777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Feedback Survey